Enneagram Portlanders

Who are some Enneagram Portlanders?


Meet some below and watch a few video presentations from our PechaKucha Event 1/16/14.


27_K-Stetson-rKim Stetson (Enneagram 1: Idealist)

Project Organize  www.projectorganize.net

As a One, my love of improving the world around me and reducing the disorder in my environment directly ties into my effectiveness as a Professional Organizer. I can work with you to create organizational systems and long-term solutions that will increase your productivity, reduce stress and simplify daily tasks. My purpose is to understand where clutter and chaos are weighing you down, and then help you dig out and move forward to live more successfully. I am your partner guiding you through the challenging process of getting organized, one step at a time, ensuring you accomplish your goals.  Organizing your life, one project at a time.


Bernhard_photoBernhard Masterson (Enneagram 9: Mediator)

As a teacher my basic nine trait of understanding others, is a great asset. My core desire to make connections with people, leads me to care about meeting the needs of each student. When leading natural building workshops my global perspective helps me understand and prioritize the complexities of a construction work site with the needs of the students, the hosting organization, the goals of the workshop, and tight schedules. It is not unusual for there to be conflicts between these competing interests and sometimes with difficult students or members of the team. My mediator skills help me address those conflicts to create a healthy community. I can understand the needs of each side and facilitate communication and compromise. These situations are also growth opportunities for me. I have strong one-on-one leanings and in order for me to maintain my own health during the long days of workshops I work to stay present and experience my own feelings and needs. Meditation and breath work allow me to tune into my gut and integrate my interests and keep an independent perspective.  Bringing beauty, natural materials, and community to the built environment… Bernhard Masterson: Educator, artist, natural builder:  www.bernhardmasterson.com



Al Polito (Enneagram 1: Idealist)

What I love about bonsai is that it allows me artistic expression of my love of trees. In the trees that I create, I love taking a quirk or “imperfection,” such as a stretch of torn, dead wood or dramatic curvature and accentuate it in the design such that it is the focal point; for it’s the imperfection that creates the artistic drama or tension that makes many great bonsai. It’s the odd twists and turns and the effects of weathering that makes a tree—or a human—a thing of beauty, compelling and memorable. A straight tree that has never known the ravages of a windstorm or withstood seasons of drought is a young and untested tree. The same can be said of for the rest of us.

imageHere’s a picture of one of my very favorite trees, a Murrayana Lodgepole pine, which spent most of its life on a mountain, whose snows probably gave it this humble, bowing shape.  I’m currently vice-president of programs for the Bonsai Society of Portland. You’re invited to come to our show at the Japanese Garden April 20-21 and to the Artisan’s Cup, the first premier West Coast bonsai show to take place at the Portland Art Museum Oct. 4-6. This show will feature the best trees in the United States.  www.portlandbonsai.org



lori in fiji



Lori Johnson (Enneagram 2: Connector)
with a social subtype. She is currently a teacher and has also traveled extensively doing public speaking and volunteer work. She stepped onto the path of the Enneagram about a decade ago and will forever be a student as it constantly reveals its deeper layers of learning.




Gene Moreland (Enneagram 2: Connector, alternatively called The Helper)

I am a residential real estate broker who identifies himself as being a Two, and I find that I have many opportunities for connecting and helping in the work that I do.

People buy or sell homes at various transition times in their lives: when partners and spouses join their lives together, or when they separate; when there is a birth or death in one’s life; when a family is expanding, or when people are downsizing; and when people decide to invest part of their wealth into a home. In many ways, I am a “match-maker” for buyers looking for homes, and for sellers looking for buyers during

head shot jpgtransition periods of their lives. These transitions are usually times of great excitement or great anxiety- and sometimes a mixture of both.

As a Two, I am acutely aware of the various issues that people are dealing with when they enlist my help in the home buying or selling process, and I feel that my skills are very well suited to the task. I can see both sides of an issue, and I am good at listening to people’s needs in order to help them work for an outcome that is in their best interest. In addition to using my natural Two skills of intuition, empathy, and client-centered advocacy, I find that my Enneagram One and Three wings serve me well. I tap into my One wing with my clients by focusing on the details in a real estate transaction – in particular, the ways in which I work to protect my clients’ interests by conducting business “the right way”: with honesty and integrity. And, I tap into my Three wing by harnessing my natural competitiveness to perform well and to help my clients “win” in as much as possible. (A healthy dose of my 8 connection point serves me well, too, when situations get challenging and my clients need me to advocate firmly for their interests.)

I am always honored when clients entrust me with the task of assisting them in a real estate transaction. I take that gift of trust very seriously, and the working relationship that is created from that trust is very rewarding to me. www.GeneMoreland.com


Brian Setzler, MBA, CPA (Enneagram 7: Epicure)

Brian Setzler, CPAI’m the founder and owner of TriLibrium and TriLibrium Wealth Management:  www.TriLibrium.com

TriLibrium is Portland-based CPA firm serving individuals, small businesses owners, and the healthcare community. We serve our customers with expertise in tax planning and preparation, payroll, bookkeeping, QuickBooks consulting, financial planning, and more.  I do a great job in my field as an Enneagram Seven and here are the attributes of a Seven that make me a good accountant and business advisor:  Sevens are one of the “thinking” types.  I have a quick and agile mind that looks ahead to anticipate problems and opportunities for my customers.I’m a good planner who is usually a step or two ahead of the here and now. I’m positive and outgoing. Not your typical accountant.  I’m practical and accomplished.


 Laura Schlafley, Career Coach (Enneagram 3: Leader/Performer)   IMG_0010_crop

Why Laura’s High Side of a 3 is a great asset to her work as a Career Coach: As a Career Coach, I enjoy motivating and inspiring others to greater personal and career achievements than they think they are capable of. In managing my own career, I realized how great it felt to develop myself and discover how to contribute my best talents to the workplace and beyond. I love to mirror this confidence for successful job seekers and career changers.  www.CareerChoicesWithLaura.com



Jill Kelly, PhD. (Enneagram 1: Idealist/Perfectionist)

As a One, my love of the rules and eye for detail make me a terrific editor. At the same time, the Seven in me loves leading writing support groups and my Four side loves the one-on-one writing coaching I do. My mission is to encourage the creative spark in everyone I meet.

The Great Jill Kellyeditor@aracnet.com   503-235-2019   www.jillkellyeditor.com

Jennifer Tanich (Enneagram 7: Epicure) MAAT CWPC holds a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling with additional training in Non-Violent Communication Mediation. She is a longtime Enneagram enthusiast, a certified Whole Person Life Coach, has taught as a Parent Educator for the International Network for Children and Families and is a certified trainer of the High Conflict Diversion Program. Her counseling style encourages self-awareness, self-care and spiritual growth as she assists people in breaking old patterns of behavior, handling stress and diffusing negative emotions. Jennifer teaches practical communication skills that can be applied to all areas in life. She believes that world peace begins in the home, which has created a burning desire to support individuals and families in transforming conflict to connection, so they may be fulfilled and at ease in relationships, while leading more joyful lives.  Assisting individuals and families in… healing the past, being effective in the present and in building the future they desire.
www.JBPeaceSolutions.com  Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution and Emotion Management


Peter (Enneagram 5: Observer)  He would prefer to remain anonymous but does come to classes and workshops!